Adventszeit natürlich erstmal, aber Khruangbin mit einem Cover von Vince Guaraldis Christmas Time Is Here sind ein perfekter Auftakt für die Weihnachtsmarktsaison:

“Growing up the three of us all had very different Christmases,” says bassist Laura Lee. “But we recently discovered we all had the exact same favourite Christmas song. When we realized it, we sat down to play it and it came together instantly. In 15 minutes we had this recorded. It was like the best Christmas present ever.”

Es gibt Tage, da wäre man gerne in Porto gewesen. Gestern Abend zum Beispiel, da haben The Saxophones im Hard Club gespielt und ihr Album Songs of The Saxophones vorgestellt. In den nächsten Tage dann noch in Paris, Bordeaux, Berlin und Luxembourg …

You’re thinking of me differently;
I’m thinking of myself.
I’m starting to stop as we speak;
I’m starting to lose.
I’m falling asleep and I am
sorry again.

Es gibt Tage, da wäre man gerne in Stockholm. Heute zum Beispiel, da spielen nämlich Testbild! in Rönnells Antikvariat und stellen ihr neues Album Stad vor.

Testbild!’s new album was recorded at Sonores Studios in Gothenburg, deep inside a hidden shelter where saxophones and mellotrones may howl and buzz as much as they want without the rest of the city hearing. Van Der Graaf Generator and Nürnberg 47 are lurking behind the facades, the flashing and crackling of stars falling down into a dark pond at night.

Halloween ist zwar vorbei und der November in vollem Gange, aber gerade deshalb ist das schon im April erschienene Album Blue Motel von Bart & The Bedazzled ein perfektes Album für trübe Sonntagnachmittage wie heute.
Passend zur Jahreszeit natürlich nicht zuletzt wegen Titeln wie Halloween By The Sea:

It was Halloween
Warm and misty air
Maybe friends were there
Wasted on the beach
What a scene

Bart Davenport ist jetzt zusammen mit Wayne Faler (Dream Boys), Andres Renteria (Jose Gonzales) und Jessica Espeleta (L.A. Takedown) als Bart & The Bedazzled unterwegs und der Sound angeblich eine Mischung aus Englischem 80er Pop und Westküsten-Yacht-Rock-Jams.
Wieauchimmer, das ganze Album ist jedenfalls sehr “happy sad” , es gibt Tiel über “Amateur Lovers”:

Now when the sun goes down and moonlight starts
That’s when the amateurs begin breaking hearts
They come in one-by-one and two-by-two
They want to fall in love but they don’t know what to do
They’re just…

Sich selbst bauende Häuser:

My life was already unstable enough for me
Living from day to day with no security
And now my abode
Isn’t up to code

Zeitmaschinen für Zwei …

Time travel into your arms
Awaken without alarms
This moment, no déjà vu
And you clinging to me like glue
In a time machine for two

… und Vampire:

She’s the kind of love I’d never dream of
Dreams are never so fair
Side by side we sleep like teacups
Although we are not the same
She’s a woman trying to make her mark
And I won’t stand in her way

My lover says things I’ve never heard
In a strange and ravishing tone
She’s a vampire, warns me not to love her
Then directs me just where to kiss her
To be bolder, just how tight to hold her
I try to do all she says

Oktober ist so einer dieser Monate, wo man nie so richtig weiß. Will er Sommer bleiben oder Herbst sein. Will er Blätter abwerfen und im Regen liegen oder dranbleiben und in der Sonne strahlen.

Nicholas Krgovich hat jedenfalls ein Album geschrieben über das Dazwischen und das Hinterher, ein „Breakup“-Album:

I guess what makes “OUCH” stick out in the pile is the fact that it’s a breakup album: a concept as old as the hills but completely new to me. Up until last year I’d never fallen in love or experienced a broken heart. Not even close really. I can’t believe heartbreak is a thing that happens to pretty much everybody! It’s so wild! Maybe the wildest thing besides having a baby or death! No wonder I managed to avoid it for so long. I don’t think I could have handled it.
I got dumped in the spring of 2017, in a way that made the whole, brief but potent relationship suddenly seem like a bit of a joke.

Im Oktober 2018 erscheint es nun:

So, “OUCH” is finally coming out this October. I’m excited to share it, even though my life feels completely different now, and I relate to every one of these songs in a starkly different way. Listening to the album now is like walking into a museum. I was in such a shit place for a long time but even during the worst of it I knew enough to regard the experience as a kind of gift. Loving is such a wild and bold act! I’m so grateful to know that my heart is open, that I can be in love, have my heart broken and survive. I didn’t know that before or trust that to be true at all. Plus now everybody and their dog knows I’m as gay as the day is long! I made a very gay break up album! What a relief!


Zum Stück October gibt es auch ein mit seinen Nachbarn aufgenommenes Video:

There was no way I’d feel comfortable lip syncing these words now, they feel as far away from me as the Eiffel Tower. So I had friends from the neighbourhood pop by and do it for me, so I could just listen, with the impartiality I currently feel about these kind of hilariously brutal, hopeless, and sad lyrics.


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