Wake up!

Auf Twitter schrieb @annalist von der Gudrun-Gut-Playliste in der neuen Vogue, bei sTia blieb ich in den 15-Sekunden-Spotify-Samples hängen … Sleepers, Poets, Scientists?

Wake-up! Sleepers Poets Scientists!


Imagine the Solvay Conference 1927 but only Madame Curies and dressed in Lucy McKenzie’s / Beka Lipscombe’s work-coats.


From Buffy to Torchwood to Poe to Whitman to Sanctuary to The Event. To Bus to Railway to Truck to Car.


Imagine Clarice Lispector, Anna Akhmatova, Lilya Brik, Hilma Af Klint, Eileen Myles, Susans’ Howe and Wheeler, but all the particles replaced by waves replaced by particles.

Sleepers Poets Scientists showcases works by Natalie Beridze’s students at the CES Creative Education Studio, a privately operated school for design, audio, and video in Tbilisi.

Ein gutes Jahr alt:

Den Auftritt in Berlin natürlich knapp verpasst:


Aber einen Live-Auftritt gibt es auf YouTube:

Und, weil Weihnachten und so, sTias Album *Run Run” zum pay-what-you-want-Preis:

All I Want For Christmas Alice Boman
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