KW 37 Happy Sadcore

Sadcore ist eines der Genre-Labels, das The Nothingdoers unter ihr Ende August veröffentlichtes Album Procrastinaction gesetzt haben. Laut Wikipedia ist Sadcore

[…] characterised by bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies and slower tempos. The term is an example of use of the suffix “-core”. It is a loose definition and does not describe a specific movement or scene.

Die Begriffe Sadcore und Slowcore werden synonym verwendet und die Bezeichnung wird eher von Journalisten als von Bands selbst verwendet. Hollywood Sadcore ist dann anscheinend ein Sub-Genre, aber ich schweife ab …

The Nothingdoers jedenfalls sind Igor Ivanov, George Manaev, Grigoriy Maltsev und Vladimir Kozlov. Die Band, vor zehn Jahren in Moskau gegründet, hat eine Weile gebraucht, um das diesmal rein instrumentale Album fertigzustellen:

We made and produced this records ourselves, in an abandoned workshop of the defunct ZIL automobile factory. We named it “Procrastinaction” because we’ve been recording it for a year, trying to find time for the sessions in our dayjob schedules, procrastinating both at work and during recording, but we finally made it! This record is about how we never have enough time to do the thing we love. But, this is an instrumental record, so no lyrics are available to tell you what each song is about - you’ll have to decide for yourself…

Entdeckt habe ich die Nothingdoers durch einen Pinnwand-Eintrag der Band Malkovic. Von Malkovic wiederum hatte ich zuerst durch eine MP3-Single des schwedischen Labels Friendly Noise gehört, 1959y:

Malkovic as a band started in 2005. However, it all began long before that: alesha G. and sasha T. had been playing together for quite a long time in various projects. Initially malkovic was an acoustic duo that played nice pretty songs inspired by the tunes of marcos valle, astrud gilberto, komeit and kings of convenience. Later, sasha’s cousin dima. M joined the band taking the responsibility of a bass player. Then some new people came to the band and brought in new instruments, malkovic’s sound became louder and more spacious. Nevertheless the atmosphere of chamber music, the intimacy of a home acoustic is still the specific feature of the band’s music. At least that’s what the musicians would like to believe.

Auf ihren Web- und Profilseiten gibt es einige Alben zum Anhören und Downloaden. Zum Abschluss gibt es This is the Music (I’ve always wanted to hear) von ihrem auf Series Two erschienenen Album Little Estrada: