Kiss me, Stupid

Es gibt Tage, da wäre man gerne in Stockholm gewesen – letzten Donnerstag zum Beispiel, zum Konzert von Iiris Viljanen, Resina und Shida Shahabi in Rönnells Antikvariat.

“Kiss me, stupid” ist das Titelstück von Iiris Viljans Piano-Album “Kiss me, stupid & 7 more solo piano pieces”. Auch sehr schön: Årstavikens Strand:

Sista försöket det sista Sista försöket det sista

Sju sånger om dig redan och det kommer flera sorry du var så bäst du berörde mitt innersta Den här sista vår sen tänker jag int på dig nå mer De e sista chansen för oss två att diskuter

Iiris Viljanen

Die anderen beiden Konzertgäste sind auch auf dem Ende September erschienenen Album The Sea At The End Of Her String vertreten: die Polnische Cellistin Resina und die Pianistin Shida Shahabi und dazu, ebenfalls am Klavier, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch:

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Anlass für das Konzert am Donnerstag war das am Freitag erscheinende Album Homes von Shida Shahabi:

And to celebrate this amazing album, what would be better than inviting Shida to give a concert on Rönnells day before the album comes?

Aufgenommen zwischen und in mehreren Wohnungen hat es beste Chancen der Soundtrack dieses Herbstes zu werden:

For Stockholm-based pianist and composer Shida Shahabi, playing the piano carries with it a particular kind of baggage. It’s an act, she says, that’s haunted by the image of the virtuoso solo pianist; self-assured, macho, and preternaturally gifted, a stereotype which pervaded her classical training at school. “You’re used to seeing men behind the instrument who take a lot of space and who are super self-confident,” she says over Skype. For Shahabi, this created a pressure to be perfect, to carry herself with an air of unassailable confidence.

Her debut album, Homes, is her attempt to free herself from that burden—though she didn’t realize until after she’d finished

Meet Shida Shahabi, Classical Music’s Proudly Imperfect Virtuoso Shida Shahabi

Das Video zum ersten Stück Abisme:

Swedish-Iranian musician Shida Shahabi pairs her piano notes to the movements of a Tendora sinensis, a Chinese mantis, that was filmed in Ishinomaki, Japan.

The video director, Jennifer Rainsford, says the creature "is a sit-and-wait predator. When it spies its victim, a grasshopper or a cricket, it lashes out its front legs and impales the prey on sharp spines. Mantids are a type of insects in which sex is dangerous, meaning the female might eat the male before sex. In about ten percent of the cases, the female mantid attacks the courting male as he approaches her, bites his head off and then devours his body."

Und zu Pretty in Plums:

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