Der Soundtrack zum heißen Wochenende …

Climatery is undoubtedly one of the most inspired works recorded by Miguel A. Ruiz during the first years of his long career and under his given name, as he also published as Orfeón Gagarin, Ventral Metaphor, Funeral Souvenir,etc. It was originally released on cassette on the Proceso Uvegraf label in 1986, and a year later it was reissued by EGK, the Esplendor Geométrico label, in the same format. Climatery shows a facet of Ruiz away from Industrial music and rough experimentation, closer to the electronics usually labeled as “ambient”, creating suggestive atmospheres where it incorporates sonorities of ethnic and tribal music to the sounds of synthesizer (Korg Polysix especially). A sound trip through exotic landscapes, based on various repetitive rhythmic structures and loops.

Barcelona-based Russian rhythm reconstructivist Mateis e. aqir’s latest EP emerged during and after a formative sojourn to the Spanish isle of Tenerife in summer 2017, where he slept on the sand, stargazed, and rode scooters along serpentine roads through remote villages. Deeply inspired by the landscape, people, and “new emotions” he experienced, a series of subtle, spiraling, percussion-powered pieces began flowering in flashes and sketches, which were further articulated back in Barcelona.

Major Sunday Fuzzy Sunday