Flauer Sonntag

„Sind die Bücher alle für dich?“, fragte die Verkäuferin an einem verregneten Samstag. „Sowohl als auch“, war die ausweichende Antwort. Den Soundtrack für den Lesesonntag auf der Couch liefert jedenfalls Flau.

Die Circles-Compilation zum 10. Flau-Geburtstag:

Tokyo’s FLAU cerebrates their 10years anniversary with the waltz compilation. Actually 2018 is 11years, but they was gotten by big burglary last year, finally time has come. The waltz was called also “a dance to draw circle” in Japan, each artists interpretated of the meaning of the waltz. All artistscomes from several countries Europe, South America, Australia and Japan, but the owner invited all (except Frédéric D. Oberland) to Japan and deepened relationship on the tour. This is also a record of the margin where connected via music. There are no nostalgia or sentimental flow on all songs, just music and there we feel intimacy that makes me feel love a certain time.

Ebenso schön ruhig, Machinone mit seinem Album Tokyo:

6 years ago, machinone (Daizo Kato) from Tohoku, moved to the west side of Tokyo, and opened a new chapter of his life. During these 6 years, he has been drawn to the fascinating surroundings of the town he stayed – a wonderful mix of modernization from the current time and nostalgic vestiges of the urban past. And thus, his debut album “Tokyo” was born – a collection of machinone’s delicate sketches of the town.

Using prepared guitar, with bow and bell, banjo, clarinet, stepping organ, wood toys, tape recorder, small piano, and various other musical instruments, mechinone gently outlined his various impressions of Tokyo.

Eterno Retorno Lydmor