I Have Promises to Keep

Hatte ich einen neuen Kulturklubben-Artikel versprochen? Ich kann mich gerade, äh, nicht erinnern. Hätte ich, dann würde ich Adrian Lane und sein Album I Have Promises to Keep als Soundtrack für dieses Wochenende vorstellen:

How did you make I Have Promises to Keep? All the sounds are generated in some way by a piano, but not all parts are played on the piano. There was fair amount of sampling involved with some parts being time stretched to create long drones, others reversed or heavily reverberated.

Very few of the tracks were played in the traditional sense of sitting at the piano and playing the tune. I put various things inside the piano to give certain sounds and then recorded phrases which I layered with other sounds. For example, I put sheets of tin foil inside the piano to give a percussive, almost hi-hat like sound, and hit the strings with a pen to give an almost hammered dulcimer like sound.

I also recorded various hits on the wood of the piano to create percussion samples, and had my friend, Bryan Styles, play rhythms on the piano with various drumsticks, beaters and wooden chopsticks.

Preserved Sounds

Hier kommt die Sonne Winter is not coming