In The Middle Of The Night

The Sensory Illusions ist ein neues Projekt vom großartigen Bill Wells, diesmal an der elektrischen Gitarre statt an Klavier oder Keyboard, zusammen mit der Tuba-Virtuosin Danielle Price.

‘I've always liked the tuba,’ says Wells, ‘maybe it's because it's more like a voice. Also I think its potential is still rather underused.’

While Wells is modest about his own guitar skills, he has nothing but praise for his musical partner. ‘Danielle is one of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with. She's extremely versatile, from playing in trad jazz bands or with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, to playing with the likes of Ashley Paul, Mats Gustaffson and Ntshuks Bonga. She functions as both bass player and drummer in the Sensory Illusions, combing percussive sounds with melodic patterns/riffs.’

Als Viaduct Tuba Trio mit Mark Reynolds und Antony Hook gibt es noch Fanfare For Three Tubas, mit Bill Wells nur noch als Komponist:

Simon y Garfunkel Unforgettable