Über die Premiere von Saties Gymnopédie No. 1 schreibt Joseph Shabason:

“Off to the side there was a concert space with a stage, piano, and chairs. After the party everyone filed into the concert space and found their seats. Satie got on stage and told everyone that the background music they just heard over drinks was his new material, ‘thank you and have a good night.’”

Und das Gefühl des Musikers als Hintergrundmusiker wollte er auch in seiner Interpretation einfangen:

“I wanted to capture the loneliness of playing something that's musically meaningful while people just talk over what you're doing and what you've created. It's something that every gigging musician has experienced, and it’s fucking awful … but there is also a kind of warm loneliness to it. You know that no one cares about your music, and in that knowledge you are left with the feeling of doing something just for yourself … which further solidifies your resolve and investment in what you’re doing.”

Und so passt die Interpretation zum Warten auf das Wiederfinden der Einsamkeit in der Masse …

In this period of social distancing it invokes a paradoxical, yet relatable, sentiment: a longing for the day when the crowds reassemble, so we can find our own fond loneliness amidst them once again. Bandcamp

Einen anderen Blick auf das Zusammensein mit anderen Menschen in Gruppen beschreibt Steingrímur Karl Teague im Begleittext zum Album hits of der isländischen Band hist og.

“You walk into a room, and your mood shifts. In one group, you are wise, funny, energized. In another: timid, dull, cranky. A library, full of quiet intensity, turns you into a scholar. A football match into a raving lunatic. The unseen threads running between people affect us. When we notice people listening, we listen, too.” Bandcamp

Mal hören also …

hist og is Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson on trumpet
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen on drums
and Róbert Reynisson on guitars
also all of them play some electronics

Steingrímur Karl Teague schreibt nicht nur über Musik, sondern macht auch welche. Zum Beispiel in der Band Moses Hightower. Nach soviel einsamen Gedanken klingt „Icelandic soul“ doch nach einer guten Idee …

“Very few records make you feel so good.” Bandcamp

schrieb das Morgunblaðið über das Album Búum til börn.

Und das stimmt, selbst wenn es um den Bankabókarblús geht:

Bankabókin mín geymdi um skeið
myndarlegan plús
en nú syng ég minn bankabókarblús.

Mein Bankbuch wurde eine Weile aufbewahrt
ein schönes Plus
aber jetzt singe ich meinen Bankabókarblús.