Buenas Noches Bedroom Pop

Dem Cover und der Uhrzeit nach Zeit zum Zähneputzen! Melancholischer Bedroom Pop auf der indie fEElz EP von Julia Rakel:

The EP is the result of hours of music making in the lonesome bedroom. Julia works at the well-known Malmö studio Tambourine and her credits include sound design and music for the award-winning short film Plankton. With her expertise as a producer she's refined her stripped-down sketches to a daydreaming beautiful soundscape that develops with every listen. This, put together with Julia's individual vocals and often ironic lyrics, create a intimate and memorable sound that there will be plenty more of during the upcoming months.

Damit ihr morgen nach soviel Melancholie fresh aus dem Bett und gut in den Tag kommt, empfehle ich den Rama Lama Records Labelkollegen Chez Ali mit seiner, ja, Buenas Noches Club EP:

This Is How You Smile Niemand. Nichts. Nirgends.