Am memorablen Datum 11.11. erschien das Album GeoWeddings des georgischen Regisseurs und Musikers Nika Machaidze unter seinem Künstlernamen Nikakoi auf CES Records.

Eigentlich schon etwas älter, aber so ist das halt manchmal.

GeoWeddings is Nikakoi's fun project from 2005.

Zu jedem Track gibt es auf seiner Webseite eine Begleitgeschichte, die von Nato spielt sogar im Berliner E-Werk:

After graduating from high school in 1980, gold medalist Nato Gumberidze, despite everyone’s expectations, decided to dedicate her life to a military career. She enrolled in a military academy and soon graduated as an extern with a red diploma. In 1983, with the rank of Lieutenant, she enlisted in the Border Troops of the German Democratic Republic. Lieutenant Nato Gumberidze was fluent in 4 languages, had a black belt in SAMBO and in her free time she was fascinated by South American dances, she especially loved samba.

Despite the events that began in 1989 (the opening of the Brandenburg Gate), Nato continued to serve as usual.

During one of the patrols on October 3, 1990, her detachment, on one side of the border near the last remnant of the Berlin Wall, somewhere near Potsdamerplatz, met the detachment of the Federal Republic of Germany on the other side of the wall, an abandoned power plant called the e-werk for short. At this time, a message was heard from the Natos walkie-talkie: “Germany is one state from this moment, the border has been officially abolished”. The message was also sent in German to the commander of the German detachment, but for some reason this message was followed by the tunes of music that Nato Gumberidze and the commander of the German detachment Thomas Birkenstock will remember for a lifetime. Tony Holliday’s “Tanze Samba mit mir ‘’ or “Dance samba with me” was slowly heard from all the walkie-talkies. Soviet lieutenant Nato Gumberidze and squad leader Thomas Birkenstock first danced samba in the yard of an abandoned e-factory. A year later, on November 11, 1991, they were married and set up a South American dance studio in Hanover. The studio was named “Tanze Samba mit mir”. http://dancingonarchitecture.ge/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Nikakoi-GEOWEDDINGS.pdf

Es gilt natürlich:

All characters and events depicted in this stories are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.