Gimme Gimme


BRAT heißt das neue Album von NNAMDÏ. Über das Veröffentlichen eines Albums in eine Pandemie hinein, verschobene Touren und das Musikmachen und Isolation hat er mit Lior Philipps gesprochen:

“When I record there’s no one else in the studio. I set up the mic, I hit record, I play. It’s literally just me by myself. Being an artist and trying to work on your art is a very isolated process for a lot of people. If you want to get better, you have to practice and you can’t really practice if there are outside distractions. Recording this album, I was isolating 90% of the time, even when I didn’t need to.” (GRAMMYs)

Track-by-track gibt es zum Album Antworten bei The Fader, z.B. zu Gimme Gimme:

“Sometimes it comes up, but the weird thing to me is that after I release music, people will listen to it in groups of people or at parties. That’s strange, because this is such an isolating process. It’s not a pretty process for me, recording — it’s very nitpicky, kind of monotone and mundane at points. To witness people enjoying it in groups is a very beautiful thing. I like to encourage people to listen to it with headphones by yourself first, and then do whatever you want after. That’s how you can feel more [of] what I was feeling.” (The Fader)