Spring Dreams


Bill Wells, mit dem National Jazz Trio Of Scotland und den Sensory Illusions schon häufiger im Kulturklubben, hat mit den Spring Dreams sein Jahreszeiten-Opus abgeschlossen:

“It's only 5 months since "Winter Dreams" - part 3 of Bill Wells' Seasonal Dreams. But Bill just finished the last chapter of the project "Spring Dreams" (surprisingly 2 volumes) and give everyone by free! You can download from dropbox link.” 7e.p. Facebook

Direkter von der Festplatte des Musikers zu unserer geht es also (ohne Live-Konzerte) fast gar nicht:


Cover von Spring Dream

Spring Dreams I
Vocals: Aby Vulliamy
1. Cancer Over Kings
2. Counting Sheep With Stevie Wonder
3. Counting Song
4. The Ocean
5. Tarkus To Funk
6. Blues Riff
7. Over Paul Leonard - Morgan’s Shoulder
8. Like A Flash
9. Nice Mr Tattoo
10. Oh Johannesburg
11. 60’s Pop
12. Isma Ola Es Nay Isma Ola Ay
Spring Dreams II
Vocals: Audrey Bizouerne
1. Aby Dream
2. Palanova
3. Recovering
4. Ho To Mexico
5. Just Another Lonely Goodbye
6. No Second Sun
7. Oh Dear Lord
8. Tokyo Dream Waltz
9. Fucka With Me
10. Photograph
11. The Problems Of The World
12. Uncircuround Uncirculate

Fiebriger sind die Träume von Momus, er verarbeitet seine Covid-19-Erkrankung auf dem entstehenden Album Vivid mehr oder weniger live und veröffentlicht sie Track für Track aus seinem Wohnzimmerstudio heraus als YouTube-Playlist:

He spent seven days in bed in his adopted home of Berlin recovering from his illness.

Social media has been full of musicians playing live from their living rooms during the lockdown and a trickle of individual songs have been penned about the pandemic.

But, when he started feeling better, Momus began work on a whole album charting his own and the world's progress since the day his illness struck on 17 March. BBC

1. Oblivion
2. Working From Home
3. Ten Foot Hut
4. September
5. Movement
6. Spring
7. Self-Isolation
8. Empty Paris
9. Long Distance Love
10. My Corona
11. I Got It From Agnes
12. Fever Dream
13. Optimism
14. Parasite
15. Levitation