Collapsed in Sunbeams


Von den vielen Lockdown-Veröffentlichungen des letzten Jahres habe ich das Debüt-Album Collapsed in Sunbeams von Arlo Parks bisher trotz Platz drei in den UK-Album-Charts irgendwie verpasst.

Her debut album, Collapsed In Sunbeams, was recorded during the first months of the pandemic.

Parks booked an Airbnb to create a blank space and worked with Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Gianluca Buccellati remotely.

It was released in January shortly after the UK was plunged into another lockdown, reaching number three in the charts.

So while Parks has been tucked away at home, her profile has grown to previously unimaginable levels.

“Honestly, because I am not really going out that much I haven't felt this seismic shift,” she says of getting noticed in the street. It happens occasionally if I am going on a walk with a friend. But it hasn't felt like my world has expanded or contracted in any big way. The Irish News